Steel Guard Nanocoat

Product Information

“STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT“ is a ready to use Rust Preventive & Rust Resistant Formula. One thin coat of “STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT“ is enough to act at molecular level and creates a nano film on steel and prevents rust and also increases bonding strength of coated steel by more than 100% with concrete in construction and also can be used as best pretreatment for painting. Based on nano technology, it penetrates deep inside the cracks and crevices of the rusted surface and reacts with the existing rust & stops further rusting process.
Coating thickness of very few microns which makes steel highly scratch resistant. The unique crystalline arrangement of nanocoat adheres to both the steel & paint surface very strongly leading to an enormous increase in the bonding of paint with steel. Steel guard is water based, hence gives a much higher coverage area. An Eco friendly, safe, reusable, RoHS compliant liquid having no adverse environmental impact.
"STEEL GUARD NANOCOAT" passes all stringent tests in coating and construction industry like salt spray test, humidity cabinet test, conical mandrell test, pull out test bond strength test etc.

  • Act's at molecular level of the steel surface, hence doesn't form any extra layer.
  • 100% extra bonding strength with cement and paint
  • Adds extra gloss to paint and primer.
  • Reduction in R A value.
  • Stop “Peeling off” of paint.
  • 5B - 4B type of adhesive to paint (As per ASTM D 3359).
  • Non-toxic, non-evaporative and non-inflammable.
  • Most Economical process as compared to other processes.
  • RoHS approved product.
  • Colour : Colourless
  • Application method : Brush, Dip and Spraying.
  • DFT : 0.02 Microns
  • Temperature Stability : -200° to 400° Celsius
  • Shelf life : 3 Yrs
  • Coverage : 200 to 250 sq.ft./Ltr
  • Construction Steel (TMT Bars)
  • Sheet Metal Works
  • Fabrication Work
  • PEB’s
  • Maintenance and Re-doing work
  • Ship Building, Docks etc.
  • Railways structure, Rail tracks, Rail Wagons etc.
  • Major infrastructure project
  • Body Building Engineering
  • Chemical Plants
  • Engineering Works
  • And many more areas where Rust is evil………
How To Apply
  • The surface to be applied should be cleaned & made free from any dust, dirt , grease , oil, rust & old paint using emery paper or cloth etc.
  • It can be applied by either Spraying, Brushing, Dipping or any other method.
  • When applied, the colour gradually changes to blue/ black with white spots (because of rust) indicating that the reaction has taken place.
  • The drying time is 30 min and curing time is 24 hrs which can be reduced further using blower fans, heat lamps etc.
  • Until cured should be kept away from water.
  • Once cured should apply a layer of any Paint, Enamel or Concrete
  • Any skilled or unskilled worker can apply it

Note : Don’t allow water to come in contact with treated surface before Concreting or primer and paint application.

Manual for customers once steel guard is applied on construction steel bars :
  • Avoid contact with water/rain prior to actual use of coated steel.
  • Avoid staking of steel.
  • Use wooden platform/plastic sheet for storage of steel. Don’t dump steel on ground.
  • Recoat the bended portion with chemical.
  • Don’t unwrap the polythene cover unless needed.
Property Product
Appearance Light Yellow & Green liquid
Odour Mild to Light odour
Specific Gravity 1.30 gm/cm
Viscosity 1.035 (approx)
Film Thickness 0.02 microns(Under Delta-meter)
pH Aqueous Dispersion 1.3 to 3.5 pH Units (Tailor Made)
Solid Content 50% (+/-) 5% (weight%usage)
Temperature Test Tested Under (-)196oC to (+) 300oC
Application Brushing, Spraying & Dipping etc.
Treatment Time 3 To 5 seconds
Drying Time 30 min maximum [ 1 hr in dry climate ] Curing Time 24 hrs.
Coverage Area Minimum 200 sq.ft. - 300 sq.ft.
Minimum Life 5 to 10 Years ( Under Open Atmospheric Conditions).

This indicates, that each crystal nucleus of Steel Guard NanoCoat™ has POWER OF ATTRACTING other cement molecules to it by the virtue of crystal forces and it forms a TRAP for all these molecules which do not possess sufficient energy to escape. Chemisorption is yet another important reaction which is taken place during formation of coat where molecules are held on steel surface by chemical bonds formed between nano-coat molecules and steel molecules, here heat of adsorption is higher and is very difficult to reverse the process i.e. only heating to high temperature can reverse the chemisorptions.

Each crystal of Steel Guard NanoCoat™ is cubic shaped (like crystal of diamond) with 4 threefold axes which helps to increase adherence to steel and concrete simultaneously. Another important feature of Steel Guard NanoCoat™ is its coating thickness which is 0.02 microns approximately. It is so thin still tenacious that it does not change the dimension of steel bar or panel and does not affect re-bar structure. Another important reason for increase in bonding strength to around 100% is nano-coat's physiochemical structure, due to which the active chemical formulation hides inside dense forest of micro-crystals and form chemical net to attract minute cement particles. This forms strong bond between steel & cement.

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