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CHAMPION Style AF110 Steam A cost effective product manufactured from ecofriendly natural cellulosic fibres bonded with suitable mix of elastomers.
Colour : Red & Green
CHAMPION Style AF120 Steam A compressed synthetic Aramid fibre jointing sheet bonded with elastomers to create a matrix of stability.
Colour :Green
CHAMPION Style AF139 High Pressure A high quality jointing sheet based on synthetic Aramid fibres bonded with NBR elastomer.
Colour : Orange
CHAMPION Style AF154 A superior performance compressed jointing sheet incorporating a blend of special heat resisting Aramid fibres with a high quality nitrile elastomer binder.
Colour : Yellow
CHAMPION Style AF159 Oil A Premium grade jointing sheet based on special synthetic Aramid fibres bonded with nitrile elastomer.
Colour : Grey
CHAMPION Style AF160 Acid A top quality acid resistant compressed synthetic Aramid fibre jointing sheet bonded with special binders
Colour : Cream
Asbestos Free Speciality Performance Packings
CHAMPION STYLE-1 Drylon Packing ( Dry PTFE Packing)
CHAMPION STYLE-2 Neoflon Packing (Pure PTFE Packing)
CHAMPION STYLE-3 Ultraflon Packing (Pure PTFE Packing - Lubricated)
CHAMPION STYLE-23 Flurocarb Packing (High Tensile PTFE Graphite)
CHAMPION STYLE-36 Graflon (PTFE graphite Packing)
CHAMPION STYLE-38 Carbosuper (High Purity Carbon Packing)
CHAMPION STYLE-66 Grafosuper (Graphite Filament Packing)
CHAMPION STYLE-172 Duralon Gland Packing (Aramid PTFE Yarn Combination)
CHAMPION STYLE-174 Duralon Mechanical Packing (Aramid Impregnated with PTFE)
CHAMPION STYLE-175 Lubricated Aramid Filament Yarn Packing for High Temperature
CHAMPION STYLE-176 Kombiflon Packing (PTFE - Graphite with Aramid)
CHAMPION STYLE-660 Pure Graphite Packing Ring
CHAMPION Style-661 Graphite Self Sealing Ring (Normal Pressure)
CHAMPION STYLE-661M Graphite Self Sealing Ring - High Pressure
CHAMPION STYLE-663 Graphite Gasket Sheet ( 1.5 mm / 3 mm)
CHAMPION STYLE-664 Pre Cut Pure Graphite Gasket - (1.5mm / 3mm)
CHAMPION STYLE-668 Pure Graphite Braided Packing.
CHAMPION Style - 668 Metallic Pure Graphite Braided Packing - with SS or Inconel Wire.
CHAMPION STYLE-374 Hydroflon Packing (For Hydraulic Applications)
CHAMPION STYLE-376 Hydraulic Packing
CHAMPION STYLE-536 PTFE Graphite Hollow Core Packing
CHAMPION STYLE-3116 Graphited Natural Fiber Packing
CHAMPION STYLE-2222 Stern Gland Packing (For Marine Application)
CHAMPION STYLE-2224 Stern Flon Marine Packing.
CHAMPION STYLE-3094 PTFE Impregnated Non Asbestos Packing
CHAMPION STYLE-3800 Self Lubricated Graphite Non-Asbestos Packing
CHAMPION STYLE-6100 Lubricated & Graphited Synthetic Packing
CHAMPION STYLE-6094 PTFE Impregnated Synthetic Packing
CHAMPION STYLE-7916 Metallic Ceramic Kiln Seal Rope (with Metal Wire)

Champion Spiral Wound Gaskets are composed of a metallic continuous strip with a special shaped profile, coupled with a continuous filling strip (Asbestos, PTFE, Graphite etc.) evenly wound in concentric spiral under constant stress. The Spiral Wound Gaskets are reinforced on the inner and outer diameter by winding of several electrically welded metal.

The main property of Spiral Wound Gasket, owing to elastic action of the special metallic strip profile, is that of offering a perfect sealing under fluctuating pressure and temperature conditions & maintaining tight elastic recovering. This elasticity can be modified by a proper selection of components. A proper selection of materials (both metal and fillers) allows the spiral gasket to accommodate the most varied operating conditions.

Hydraulic Packings
Style 374 This hydraulic packing is braided from soft natural fibre cotton yarn impregnated with high grade PTFE lubricant and additives. The packing has a low coefficient of friction & is resilient and flexible.
Style 376 The packing is plaited from long staple cotton fibre yarn impregnated with high grade lubricants.The packing has resiliency and flexibility.
Style 3116 A cotton yarn packing as in STYLE 376 with Graphite impregnation as an added lubricant.The packing is resilient and flexible.
Style 2222 The packing is made from longline flax fibre yarn,square braided construction.The yarn is thoroughly impregnated during construction process with a non graphite lubricant and further surface treated with a special water resistant lubricant.
Style 2224 Basically the packing is for marine STERN GLANDS.Manufactured from long flax fibre yarn impregnated with PTFE and additional lubricant,specially blended for hydraulic applications,Combining strength firmness flexibility,lubricity and compressibility.
Style 1100 Lubricated and graphited general purpose asbestos packing for Gland for medium pressure conditions conforming to IS Specification 4687 & DGS&D Specification.
Style 1200 Incorporated with wire metal wire for low friction and greater mechanical durability. Suitable for rotary shafts with peripheral speeds upto 550m./min. Recommended for steam, hot water, weak acids and alkalies.
Style 1300 Brass wire reinforced asbestos yarn packing. Specially suited to high speed rotary and reciprocating shafts even at higher temperature and pressure. Incorporation of Brass wire improves its strength and anti-friction properties. It is recommended for saturated and super heated steam, hot water, air gases, oils, steam, expansion glands, rotary and reciprocating equipments.
Style 1490 Special grade of asbestos DUPLEX BRAID packing suitably lubricated and treated with graphite to withstand caustic liquors, including caustic potash, soda, lime, ammonia and sulphides. An ideal packing for paper mill applications. pH 4 - 12.
Style 1800 Non-metallic asbestos lubricated and graphite packing for high pressure saturated super heated steam conforming to IS Specification 4687 & DGS&D Specification.
Style 1850 Non-metallic asbestos lubricated and graphite packing for high pressure saturated super heated steam conforming to IS Specification 4687 & DGS&D Specification.
Style 1860 VALVE TWIST : For valve stems, small valve spindles, stuffing boxes and miniature apparatus in full steam. The packing can be twisted to requisite sizes to be fitted in the gland.
Style 1910 A close braided high content asbestos yarn packing, non-metallic, lubricated with special heat resisting dry lubricant. Specially recommended for high pressure super-heated steam services. Excellent soft packing for valve glands, guage glass fittings, turbines, boilers and similar applications. Please state when spindle / rod is STAINLESS STEEL.
Style 1916 Braided from high grade asbestos yarn suitably lubricated and reinforced with stainless steel wire. This is an ideal choice for high temperature valve application and is suitable for service with steam, butane and propane gases, oil vapour, furnance oil. etc. Please state when spindle / rod is STAINLESS STEEL.
Style 1960 A specailly developed braided packing for super sealing jobs made from high grade asbestos fibre yarn reinforced with inconel wire and suitably lubricated. It will function most effectively for super sealing jobs on valve stems is power plants & oil refineries. A well recommended packing for control valves at high pressure and temperatures and various other applications. Please specify when rod / spindle is STAINLESS STEEL.
Style 66 A 100% pure graphite fibre packing treated with special high temperature lubricant to prevent seepage through the packing. This packing is self lubricating. It eliminates shaft wear because of graphite fibre which has low co-efficient of expansion, high heat conductivity and high temperature resistance. A premium service packing to withstand against acids, alkalies, oils, solvents, steam. fuel oil. hot tar pumps and hydrocarbons. It is universally being used by maintenance technicians to seal the most demanding application in valves and pumps.
Style 68 This is pure expanded graphite packing. It is chemically inert, resilient, compactable, self lubricating packing with low frictional co-efficient and having high thermal conductivity.
Style 1003 A combination packing inter braided with PTFE fibre, chemical resistant fibre and special compound to resist hot concentrated alkalies, organic and dilute acids. A very special low friction packing recommended to be used with high speed pumps, agitators shafts, oils, solvents, ammonia solution, concentrated caustics and Ketones.
Style 1094 UNIVERSAL APPLICATION : High grade asbestos fibre yarn Duplex Braided packing impregnated with special PTFE suspensoid for severe caustic and other corrosive chemicals, solvent, oils and petroleum by products & oxygen service.
Style 1603 A combination packing with specially selected fluoropolymer PTFE fibre and chemical resistant inorganic fibre yarn for resisting corrosive medium and concentrated acids. This construction improves the strength and chemical inertness of the packing. This combination packing is futher treated with PTFE suspensoid. This packing can be used against acids, chlorine, in valves, pumps having chrome plated or stainless steel shafts.
BELKA A braided form of packing manufactured in size 3, 4, & 5 mm square or round section in different styles of packing. It is specially designed for use in stuffing boxes, accurate small glands and valves.


PTFE THREAD SEAL TAPE "Champion" PTFE Thread Sealant Tape, due to the special nature of the thread seal will be lasting and resistant to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals.
Champion PTFE Flex-O-Seal Universal Joint Gasket CHAMPION Flex-O-Seal is a unique sealing material manufactured from special grade of 100% expanded pure PTFE by transforming into a fibrous structure. Flex-O-Seal has a special peel off adhesive on one side.
PTFE Universal Rope CHAMPION PTFE Universal Rope Gasket is soft un-sintered 100% pure expanded PTFE having a very smooth surface finish and is characterized by very low co-efficient of friction.

Ceramic Yarn, Rope, Lagging Rope & Cloth

CHAMPION Ceramic Yarns are manufactured from refractory oxides having composition of Alumina, Silica and some special additives. Depending on the use, basic yarn is reinforced with E Glass filament / SS Wire. These yarns are then braided to make rope or woven to make cloth and tape.

CHAMPION Ceramic Packings and Textiles are Environment friendly, Non-toxic, Non-health hazardous, Non-Asbestos materials.

CHAMPION Ceramic products are used in high temperature zone for thermal insulation, electrical insulation and sealing corrosive / non-corrosive gases, super heated and saturated steam and many other applications.

CHAMPION Ceramic products are also used for insulation in pipes.CHAMPION Ceramic products are manufactured using latest State of the Art technology improving the quality of the yarn, especially the reduction in loss on ignition, increase of thermal insulation properties and reduction of leachable chloride contents which is the cause of corrosion and pitting on parent body.

Mouldable Fibrous Packings
Style 1700 This is moudable loose packing manufactured out of tough selected High Grade long Asbestos Fibres blended with special lubricant and graphite throughout, of non-metallic composition. Suitable for superheated and High Pressure steam, Gases and Oils. Do not use against stainless steel rods strong acid & alkalies.�Packs of 750 gms.
Style 1710 It is semi-metallic fibrous packing of asbestos fibre with metal shreds of antifriction white metal blended in the composition with special lubricants and graphited throughout. Recommended for similar use as style 1700, but under excessive high pressure and temperature. The packing has low frictional properties. Avoid using on Brass or soft Bronze rod surfaces. Do not use against stainless steel rods, strong acid & alkalies. Packs of 750 gms.
Style 1715 Long selected Asbestos Fibre specially processed with heat resisting rubber compound which vulcanizes on being heated. For packing grooves in steam cock. Packs of 200 gms.
Style 1720 Long selected Asbestos Fibre specially processed with rubber compound which does not vulcanise. For stuffing boxes of cocks and valves, water guages and boiler test cocks. Packs of 200 gms.
Style 1750 SS For use against STAINLESS STEEL RODS. This is mouldable loose fibrous asbestos packing blended with special lubricants. For high temperature steam, hot and cold water, air and oil service in valves and centrifugal pumps. The loose packing can be tamped into stuffing box and when rammed hard into a gland, it will form a dense homogenous mass which is impervious to high temperature and pressure. It serves best when hardening or disintegration of bonding is objectionable. It remains responsive to gland compression and is easily adjusted by slight additions to overcome leakage if and when additional packing is required. Recommended for duty on worn-out and mal-aligned shafts. For best result seal with a ring turn of Champion Style 1850 Braided Packing both at beginning and end to prevent extrusion. Packs of 750 gms.
Mechanical Gland Packing

Advanced developments in all areas of industry demands high-tech Packings. Though continuous research and experience of more than 40 years with most modern technique and materials, we are able to master all the fields of application while giving highest functional reliability.

Champion Gasket sheets & Stuffing Box packings are renowned quality products. We embrace the entire spectrum from consultancy to problem solving to suit your particular application.

Sealing / Electricals Packings
Style 1502 Polished fibre asbestos yarn is the standard quality of yarn for use in mantles of incandescent gas lamps.
Style 1080 Asbestos polished yarn for stranding / braiding electrical cables.
Style 1090 Asbestos unpolished yarn for stranding / braiding electrical cables.


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